Who Needs Fertility Consultation

  • Couple under 35 year age, unable to become pregnant for one year or more of trying.
  • Couple over 35 year age, unable to become pregnant for six months or more of trying.
  • If the female partner has Irregular cycles and has problem in conceiving.
  • Couples diagnosed with : Female Partner : Blocked Tubes, Uterine Damage, Egg Quality issues or any ovulation problem. Male Partner : Any Sperm count related issues, Ejaculation Problems.
  • If Patient has had surgical sterilization such as tied tubes or vasectomy.
  • Couple having a history of recurrent miscarriages.
  • Couples Having Tried to conceive with oral drugs and still no success.
  • Couples who have had repeated IVF failures.
  • Couples who have a history of genetic problem in their previous or in the family.
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